Sayzie Koldys


I am a Maine-based writer/editor with an MA in English/Writing from the University of New Hampshire and an MFA in Creative Writing/Fiction from Boise State University. While living in San Francisco and working as a Production Editor for Annual Reviews, I oversaw all aspects of production, including deep editing and copyediting, across three scientific disciplines, and I proofread across more than forty. I have experience with MLA, APA, and The Chicago Manual of Style, and as an editor and proofreader, I work with academic and non-academic writers to enhance their content and ensure accuracy. Please see the Testimonials page to read about the client experience. 

I've written about everything from umbrellas to the origin of life. I'm a regular contributor to, the youth outreach arm of Oceana, and I also write for Edible Nutmeg, The Picture Professional, and several web-based publications. I have an essay, "Losing Jason," up on The Manifest-Station, and a travel piece on the British sense of distance in Issue 5, 2015 of  [wherever].  I've published fiction in the Mid-American Review, the North American Review, and the New England Review, among other literary journals. My short story “Mona, Yehya, Basma” was identified as one of the distinguished 100 of the year in the 2009 issue of Best American Short Stories, and my story, "I'm Here, That's All" was solicited by Amazon/Audible and is now available as an audio book. As a member of the teaching faculty at Southern Maine Community College and at Boise State University, I designed and taught literature and writing courses, and I served as a staff member of the Idaho Review. You can read and listen to my work under the Writing Clips tab.

In part to pursue my love of all things food related, I left the Annual Review of Food Science and Technology behind and went on to run the steward's department aboard an educational tall ship. I purchased and stored food for six weeks at sea while focusing on seasonal produce in island ports, prepared six meals per day for up to forty people while managing a rotating student assistant, and taught university students about the connections between food and culture and about sustainable local cuisine in an experiential academic setting accredited through Boston University. I've traveled under sail to ten Caribbean islands and more than twenty Pacific islands and atolls; and recently, I spent a month living with my favorite oceanographer and a fearless Polynesian rat on Tikehau in the Tuamotus, where we created culinary magic with a spear gun, a variety of reef fish, coconuts, breadfruit, and fire.

I'm interested in writing about and editing all things science, ocean, culture, outdoor, and food related, and I always welcome the challenge to research topics I know little about! 

Editor, writer, scientific copy editor, content writer