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Dr. Michael J. Weise, Office of Naval Research

Co-chair of NOAA's Integrated Ocean Observing System Animal Telemetry Network Task Team

"Sayzie was referred to us by Dr. Barbara Block at Stanford to assist us in finalizing the Animal Telemetry Network Implementation Plan. She identified our priorities and then worked within our budget and deadlines to provide structural as well as line-by-line edits. She had a number of great suggestions at the sentence level, and her changes lent clarity to our content; in addition, Sayzie offered helpful notes, and rather than simply drawing attention to larger-level gaps or redundancies, she suggested appropriate text, demonstrating both her skill as an editor and her engagement with the material. After her initial edit, she also remained available for follow-up questions. It was a pleasure to work with Sayzie, and I highly recommend her for all of your editing and writing needs."


Oliver T. Schmidt, PhD

California Institute of Technology, Senior Postdoctoral Scholar

"I found out about Sayzie from Caltech’s Hixon Writing Center. She edited and then proofread my job application for academic positions. Sayzie is a rigorous editor, and I was particularly impressed by her insightful comments regarding the content that hiring committees expect to see. I highly recommend her to anybody who seeks professional help to get the best out of their job applications."


Absolom Hagg, MFA

Production Editor, Annual Reviews

"I have worked with Sayzie in both academic and professional settings, and I can vouch for her reliability, her intellect, and her meticulous nature. As a colleague, she is conscientious, fair-minded, and honest. She is a rigorous editor, with a sharp eye and a sharper mind. Her writing is authentic and exacting. She is a pleasure to work with, and I am a better editor and writer for having done so."


April Wolfe, MFA

Film critic, L.A. Weekly; Editor, The Picture Professional

"Sayzie Koldys presents a ceaseless and innate understanding of the text 'between the lines.' Her ability to surmise the author's intent and to elevate it in her edits and notes is almost uncanny. Empathic and honest, Sayzie cuts to the meat of any story or essay like a skilled surgeon, suturing the gaps with practical advice and one aha! moment after another."